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Cleaning and oiling blades will help prevent rust.
Cleaning and oiling blades will help prevent rust.

  1. Check with garden centers for trees and shrubs at discount prices. Most retailers don't want the hassle of having to transport and store large woody plants over the winter. Even if the leaves have fallen, you can spot healthy deciduous woodies by their strong, firm branches and plump buds. Plant as soon as possible. Continue to water evergreens until a hard frost.

  2. Clean, sharpen, and oil your tools before storing them for the winter. Use a wire brush to remove dirt. After cleaning, sharpen the blades with a file and oil them to prolong the useful life of the tools.

  3. November is Native American Heritage Month. Thanksgiving is a good time to acknowledge the Native Americans' sacrifices for this country. Also celebrate Native American crops, such as corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, winter squash, cranberries, pecans, and beans, many of which will grace your holiday table.

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