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Featured Article Featuring: Edible of the Month - Elderberries

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Regional Gardening Reports Featuring: Western Mountains and High Plains

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Summer Tomato Care

July 2014

If you grow tomatoes, be aware that summer's heat can put a damper on production. It's a time when problems can crop up, slow down growth, and set back production. So be on the lookout for some common diseases...
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Tip of the Day

Planting Annuals for Fall Color

Many annuals such as zinnias and cosmos can be planted now for color in September and October. Pull out and compost older flowers, add compost to the beds, and directly sow seeds of these flowers in the garden.

Green Gardening Tips

Fertilize Lawns Wisely

Time your lawn fertilizing right to give your grass the biggest benefit and reduce the likelihood of fertilizer-laden runoff polluting the watershed. Cool-season grasses benefit most from a main feeding in early fall, while warm…
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Gardener to Gardener

American gardeners love their veggies and none more so than tomatoes. This is by far the most popular home garden vegetable crop — grown by 86 percent of those with food gardens. Whether you are growing big beefsteaks or tiny grape tomatoes, harvesting for fresh eating or freezing and canning, there is nothing to compare to the taste of a truly ripe, homegrown tomato.
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