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Crinum powelli is one of my favorite summer bloomers.
Crinum powelli is one of my favorite summer bloomers.

  1. Bring sun-loving houseplants outside for a summer vacation. They will put on healthy new growth with the sun and rain. Start them in a shady area to slowly acclimate them to outdoor conditions. Keep them sheltered from damaging winds and water them well.

  2. Maintain 1 to 2 inches of mulch around perennials and annuals to conserve moisture, moderate soil temperatures, and inhibit weeds. Dried grass clippings make a good, temporary summer mulch. As clippings decompose, they add nitrogen to the soil. Replenish as needed.

  3. Twice a week, get out and walk, bike, skateboard, etc., to a destination instead of driving. This saves on gas, reduces emissions, and gives you some extra exercise. Plus it's a chance to get outdoors and better appreciate lilies, roses, hydrangeas, crinums, and other summer bloomers during their peak season.

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