Urban Gardening

From April 2008 E-newsletter

April Tips

  1. Plant hardy annuals like snapdragons and larkspur in front of and between your spring bulbs. The colorful annual flowers will help hide the fading foliage of tulips and daffodils.

  2. The longer days and cool soil of spring are ideal for root growth. Plant perennials and shrubs early in the season to give them the best chance of settling in before the summer heat.

  3. Plan a day trip to see the wildflowers bursting from every forest and field. Throughout America spring is a time of profuse bloom: bluebells in Virginia, trilliums in New York, trout lilies in Illinois, bluebonnets in Texas, and poppies in California, to name a few. Pack a lunch and spend the day at a state or national park reveling in nature's celebration of spring.

Trillium 'Sweet Betsy' has a sweet fragrance reminiscent of apples.

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