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Alice's Flower Garden (page 2 of 4)

by Shepherd Ogden

Alice's Flowers

If you garden where there are only 90 or so days of frost-free weather, achieving six months of abundant bloom -- as Alice and Angie do -- is an art. The formula is mostly simple. One key element of their strategy is their soil. Enriched annually with compost and manure, they get the most each plant has to offer, and few pests. But choosing the right plants is important, too. All of these have stood the test of time -- and repeat customers -- in their Vermont garden.

Aster: Aster novae-angliae 'Alma Potschke' (salmon rose), 'Harrington's Pink', 'Hella Lacy' (purple), 'Honeysong Pink', 'Purple Dome'; A. novi-belgii 'Boningale' (white), 'Marie Ballard' (powder blue), 'Mount Everest' (white)

Bearded iris: 'Angel's Choir' (white), 'Beverly Sills' (pink), 'Bridal Crown' (yellow-white), 'Brides' Halo' (yellow-white), 'Carolina Gold' (gold), 'Cherubs' Smile' (pink), 'Cosmopolitan' (pink-lavender), 'Christmas Time' (white with red), 'Eve' (sky blue), 'Floating Cloud' (lemon-white), 'Going My Way' (blue-white), 'Heavenly Angel' (white), 'Night Owl' (deep purple), 'Queen of Hearts' (pink-white), 'Son of Star' (burnt orange), 'Spanish Gify' (salmon), 'Study in Black' 'Sunset Skies' (red and yellow-orange), 'Vermont' (silver), 'White Lightning'

Bellflower: Campanula latifolia 'Brantwood' (white-blue); cup-and saucer (C. mediuim); and peach-leafed bluebell (C. persicifolia)

False spirea: (Astilbe) 'Betsy Cuperus' (light pink), 'Fire' (crimson red), 'Intermezzo' (salmon rose), 'Lilli Goos' (rose pink), 'Peach Blossom' (salmon pink), 'Professor Van Der Wielen' (white), 'Superba' (rosy purple), 'White Gloria'

Foxtail lily: (Eremurus) 'Albus', Shelford Hybrids, E. stenophyllus

Gladiolus: 'Friendship' (white), 'Jester' (yellow with red), 'Nova Lux' (yellow), 'Peter Pears' (salmon), 'Priscilla' (pink-white), 'White Prosperity'

Mealy-cup sage: (Salvia farinacea) 'Victoria Blue', 'Victoria White'

Monkshood: Aconitum cammarum 'Newry Blue'; A. carmichaelii 'Barkers Variety' (amethyst blue); A. henryi 'Sparks Variety' (deep blue) and 'Bicolor' (white and blue); A. napellus (dark blue)

Ornamental Onion: Allium 'Purple Sensation'; drumstick onion (A. sphaerocephalum, red-purple); and A. flavum (yellow)

Peony: 'Arcturus' (red, single), 'Big Ben' (red, double), 'Carol' (red, double), 'Festiva Maxima' (double, white), 'Florence Bond' (white), 'Florence Nichols' (white, double), 'Gene Wild' (pink, double), 'Henry Bockstoce' (red, double), 'Monsieur Jules Elie' (light pink), 'Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt' (seashell pink), 'Nick Shaler' (pink with red, double), 'Red Charm' (double), 'Snow Mountain' (white, double)

Snapdragon: (Antirrhinum majus) Madame Butterfly and Rocket strains

Sunflower: 'Italian White', 'Sole d'Oro','Taiyo', 'Valentine'

Tulip: All Rembrandt types and the parrot variety 'Stella'

Veronica: 'Blue Charm', 'Icicle', 'Sunny Border Blue'

Zinnia: Ruffles strain, 'Cut and Come Again', 'Giant Dahlia'

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