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Into the Kitchen: Squash and Melons (page 2 of 2)

by National Gardening Association Editors



Summer wouldn't be complete without delicious, fresh melons. Served them for breakfast, lunch or dinner; cut in wedges, with a squeeze of fresh lime and a mint leaf; or topped with scoops of ice cream or sherbet.

To freeze melon balls, slices or cubes, use only firm, ripe fruit. Cut melon in half, remove any seeds and cut out fruit. Don't cut into the rind. You can place melon directly in containers, label, date and freeze. But to keep their shape, place melon pieces on a cookie sheet and freeze overnight (6-12 hours). Transfer frozen fruit to plastic freezer bags or containers. Seal, label and date. Return to freezer and use as needed. Melons, if properly frozen, will keep up to a year in your home freezer.

Photography by Sabin Gratz/National Gardening Association

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