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by Peter Schneider

Weeks Roses

Weeks Roses
'Barbra Streisand'

New from Weeks Roses is 'Barbra Streisand', an elegantly formed mauve hybrid tea. Like many roses of its color, this one has an outstanding scent. Unlike many roses of its color, this one has enough vigor to keep its place in a busy garden. 'Barbra Streisand' wants to make sprays, so disbudding will be necessary if you want large, one-to-a-stem blooms. Weeks' other new hybrid tea is 'Pearl', a streamlined pastel white that will require extra winter protection in Northern gardens.

Most color mutations in roses take a shade or two away-a deep pink rose becomes light pink, a yellow rose suddenly throws a stem with white blooms. 'Brilliant Pink Iceberg' is a stunning exception. Here is the famous 'Iceberg', the best white floribunda of all time, overlaid in warm cerise pink. Discovered in Tasmania and introduced in the U.S. by Weeks, 'Brilliant Pink Iceberg' appears to be one of the can't miss roses of 2001. Hot climate gardeners may question the "Brilliant," which makes more sense when one knows that there is a second, softer pink 'Iceberg' sport from Tasmania called 'Blushing Pink Iceberg'.

My favorite new shrub for 2001 is Weeks' 'Long Tall Sally', displaying massive hydrangea-like clusters of single-petaled buff white blooms. This rose has yet to be tested by a severe winter. When it passes that test, it will go right to the top of the list of recent shrub rose introductions.

Certified Roses

Unlike dot-com names, there is no authority to prevent duplication of rose names throughout the world. Therefore, there are three different new roses named 'Millennium'. The one American gardeners are most likely to encounter is a crimson hybrid tea from Certified Roses. Other new Certified hybrid teas include the apricot 'Just Dreamy'-a good choice for those who live where summer isn't too scorching-the tall yellow 'Twenty First Century', and the lavender 'Macho Man'.

Some of the most surprising new rose introductions for 2001 are the compact shrubs from Delbard of France introduced by Certified Roses. Some of these, such as the brilliant yellow 'Pimprenelle', keep their original French names while others ('My Fifi', 'Little Gigi') exchange them for French Poodle names. 'Little Gigi', with its bouquets of white, yellow and pink blooms all at once, is a rose that's sure to bring a smile.

Star Roses/Conard-Pyle

Star Roses/Conard-Pyle
'Glowing Peace'

The All-America Rose Selection floribunda for 2001 is 'Marmalade Skies', a low-growing tangerine orange bred by Meilland of France and introduced by Star Roses.

'Glowing Peace', the All-America Rose Selection grandiflora for 2001, is a much more intensely colored version of its distant ancestor, the original 'Peace' rose. 'Glowing Peace' is grown and sold as a hybrid tea in the rest of the world, and like most Meilland hybrid teas will do especially well in hot climates.

New at Star Roses is 'Carefree Sunshine', a trouble-free clear yellow shrub from Bill Radler, the breeder of last year's award-winning 'Knock-Out'. The yellow here is not intense to begin with, but holds well without fading even in summer heat. Also new from Star is 'Ruby Meidiland', a smaller, less sprawly version of 'Scarlet Meidiland'.

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