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Celeriac - Lazy Man's Celery

by National Gardening Association Editors

Are you looking for a way to get celery from the garden without worrying about blanching or stringiness? Interested in a new soup, stew and salad ingredient? How about a new vegetable dish? If so, consider growing celeriac.

What's Celeriac?

This ball-shaped root tastes like celery and can be used the same way in recipes. (Unless, of course, you plan to serve stuffed celery stalks at your next party!)

Growing celeriac is much easier than growing celery; as a root crop it needs very little attention while it grows. Just be sure to sow the seeds early - it needs a long growing season (120 days) to reach maturity.

Because celeriac is relatively new in America, there aren't many varieties available.


  • Large Smooth Prague (120 days). A common variety that produces a smooth, turnip-shaped root four to five inches in diameter. This is a good winter keeper.
  • Brilliant (100 days). This smooth, round, buff-colored root has white flesh that doesn't get pithy or develop a hollow heart.

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