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Fall Cole Crop Bonus (page 2 of 2)

by National Gardening Association Editors

A Word to You Lucky Southerners

Some gardeners just lose interest after all the tomatoes and corn are harvested, but in the South, there's year-round growing potential for those who stick with it.

Cole crops are a natural in the South because once they're mature, they can stand some pretty low temperatures; 20&deg F won't hurt any cole crop but cauliflower. In the lower latitudes, don't be afraid to plant seedlings well into October. If you can work the soil, it's not too late to plant.

In some parts of the South you can harvest hardy crops while northern gardeners are totally snowbound. Who needs a root cellar or freezer with those possibilities?

Winter gardening is great in the South because the harmful insects that affect southern gardens are less of a problem, and the soil is apt to be moister.

You may do better by starting the fall cole crop seeds indoors, then transplanting them into the garden under shade cloth.

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