Urban Gardening

From May 2008 E-newsletter

May Tips

1. Plan now for the summer heat. Proper irrigation keeps the garden and the gardener from struggling. If you don’t want to drag hoses around, think about in-ground systems or drip irrigation. A simple sprinkler attached to a timer is often sufficient for smaller urban gardens.

2. Shop at local farmers’ markets. Few things are healthier or "greener" than fresh, local produce. You provide yourself with good nutrition and help keep a local farmer in business.

3. Take a trip to a forest, mountain, or arboretum to see the trees. The leaves are in their freshest and most vibrant shades of green. Many trees have already flowered and are beginning to fruit. But others like hawthorns, ashes, pines, and lindens will keep the canopy blooming until midsummer.

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