Urban Gardening

June Tips

'Golden Splendor' lilies need tall stakes.
'Golden Splendor' lilies need tall stakes.

  1. Get supports (cages, stakes, bamboo poles, etc.) and Velcro tape ready to hold the lush summer growth of top-heavy or weak-stemmed plants like tomatoes, lilies, monkhoods, delphiniums, and dahlias.

  2. Fertilize your annual flowers and veggies. Fertilizers with high percentages of phosphorus (the middle number in NPK) promote flowering. Organic gardeners can use minerals, compost, and compost tea.

  3. Volunteer to help maintain gardens at a school, church, or retirement community. Summer is when they need the most help with maintenance and watering, and it's a great opportunity to beautify your community and make new friends.

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