Urban Gardening

December Tips

1) During the winter months many houseplants slow their growth and don't need as much water and fertilizer. The exceptions are plants that flower in winter (see my Top 10 Winter Houseplants article), which typically use more water and fertilizer than other plants. Be mindful that overwatering tends to cause more problems than underwatering. Check the soil with your finger before watering.

2) Examine the trees on and adjacent to your property. Weak or broken branches that could cause damage during a wind or ice storm should be removed. If you're not sure what steps to take, call a professional arborist for a consultation.

3) Visit downtown parks and winter festivals to view holiday displays and get decorating ideas for indoors and out. While there, check out the public activities. During winter many cities offer free admission to public ice skating rinks -- always a good way to burn calories and collect bruises.

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