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From August 2008 E-newsletter

Letters From Readers

Hi William,

Yeah, that wind on rooftop gardens really, well, puts you over the top! I'm gardening at the Gary Comer Youth Center's rooftop garden. Quite a plush setup with an irrigation system, but still challenging. We're busy tending 8,500 square feet of veggies, herbs, and perennials. We just harvested 200 pounds of potatoes, which we gave away to our families. If you're interested, it would be great to have you visit us.

Marji H.

Hi William,

I love your Web site. It's full of great ideas. Thank you.



I just read your article on container gardens and found it very helpful since I am thinking of starting one myself. I was really inspired by my recent trip to New York and felt my apartment in Southern California could also use a container garden. I was thinking of taking an old bird cage that sits up on a stand and putting plants inside that.

Again thank you for the great article. Very hip and fresh.

Christie W.

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