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August Gardening Tips

    Mums are a classic fall plant.
  1. Place thirsty potted plants in decorative containers or bowls without drainage holes during the worst of the summer heat. When you water, make sure it drains through into the outside container. This keeps a little extra water available for plant roots. Just make sure plants aren't constantly sitting in water or the roots could rot.

  2. Plan ahead for fall color. Mums are available at some garden centers now. These young plants are not yet blooming, but if you buy them now they will be well acclimated to your space before the show begins. Now is the time to order fall-blooming bulbs like autumn crocuses, saffron crocuses, and autumn daffodils.

  3. Visit conservatories and botanic garden greenhouses. Most will have desert or cactus rooms filled with cacti and succulents that love the heat. These are great places to get ideas for balcony or patio plantings that thrive on sun and neglect. Many of these plants are hardy in the Southwest and Florida. In other areas they make dramatic winter houseplants.

From August 2007 E-newsletter

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