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Containing Your Excitement This Spring (page 2 of 2)

by Suzanne DeJohn

Ongoing Care

The main difference between container and garden plantings is that you'll need to water and fertilize container-grown plants more often, since roots are confined. Note that small containers may need watering daily -- even twice daily -- during hot, sunny weather. Most annuals benefit from regular deadheading to promote more blooms.

You'll also need to keep an eye out for insect and disease problems. While container-grown plants are sometimes less vulnerable to pest attack because they receive extra attention and/or are kept at a distance from the rest of the garden, you'll want to examine the foliage and flowers regularly. Many insects can be controlled by simply hosing them off the plants every few days. If this doesn't control the problem, try insecticidal soap.

The benefits of growing in containers are many: You can change out plants and arrange pots to suit your whim; you can place containers right where you want them; city dwellers can enjoy plants on their balconies. Containers are also perfect for experimenting! Try some new plant and container combos this season, and light up your landscape with color and style.

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