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by Peter Schneider

Where Roses Grow

Hybrid teas are generally hardy to USDA Zone 6, and require increasing amounts of winter protection as one moves northward. Floribundas are just as hardy, or slightly more so. Shrub roses are thought of as winter hardy, and most are, at least to Zone 5. Exceptions include many of the yellow Austins and shrubs with tender species ancestors (such as R. bracteata). Miniature roses, grown on their own roots, are tough customers and will survive a Zone 5 winter with just an oak leaf mulch.

There are two steps to successfully growing roses in regions with colder winters than the plants would naturally survive: deep planting and winter protection. Normally, grafted roses are planted so that the bud union is at or just slightly above the soil line. Planting deeper, so that the bud union is no more than 2 inches below the soil line, offers added protection. Insulating rose bushes means just that: covering or wrapping or mulching such that the rose plant has some protection from the worst of winter. Gardeners in zone 5 need to insulate hybrid teas to help them through winter. Gardeners in zone 4 need to insulate a lot, and those in zone 3 would be prudent to focus on hardy shrub roses.

Peter Schneider is editor of Taylor's Guide to Roses (Houghton Mifflin Co., 1995; $22) and is co-editor of the Combined Rose List.

The New Roses of 2001

Here the 41 new roses for this year are grouped by type. The name is followed by the flower color, a measure (subjective of course) of its scent, the height of the plant, and the diameter of the flower.

Hybrid Teas

'Barbra Streisand' mauve; intense; 4'; 4"
'Black Magic' dark red; light; 5-1/2'; 3-1/2"
'Burning Desire' crimson; light; 5'; 5"
'Just Dreamy' apricot; sweet; 5'; 5"
'Macho Man' lavender; good; 4'; 4"
'Millennium' crimson; good; 5'; 5"
'Pearl Essence' light pink; sweet; 5'; 4-1/2"
'Pearl', pastel white; light; 3-1/2'; 4-1/2"
'Sultry' apricot; spicy; 5'; 5"
'Sweet Valentine' pink; light; 5'; 4"
'Twenty First Century' yellow; good; 6'+; 6"
'Vanilla Perfume' ivory; strong; 5'; 4"
'Veterans' Honor' red; light; 5;' 5-1/2"


'Brilliant Pink Iceberg' cerise pink/white; sweet; 5'; 3"
'Fabulous!' white; light; 3-1/2' 3"
'Marmalade Skies' tangerine orange; light; 3'; 2-1/2"
'Our Lady of Guadalupe' silver-pink; light; 2-1/2' 3"
'Summer Samba' apricot-pink; fruity; 3'; 4"


'Michel Cholet' apricot; light; 2'; 1"
'Ruby' red; light; 2'; 1"
'Sun Sprinkles' yellow; light; 16"; 1"


'Glowing Peace' orange blend; light; 5'; 4-1/2"


'Elaine Gillet' white; delicate; 4'; 3-1/2"
'Jardin des Viels Maison' raspberry pink; fruity; 4'; 4-1/2"
'Mme Paul Massad' apricot; strong; 4'; 4"


'Anne Boleyn' soft pink; light; 3'; 3"
'Mary Magdalene' soft apricot; good; 3'; 4"
'Portmeiron' deep pink; strong; 2-1/2'; 2-1/2"
'Sophy's Rose' cherry red; light; 3'; 4"
'Teasing Georgia' yellow; licorice; 3-1/2; 4"


'Carefree Sunshine' yellow; light; 4'; 2-1/2"
'Little Gigi' white, yellow, pink; sweet; 2'; 1-1/2"
'Long Tall Sally' white; light; 8'; 2"
'Manhattan' red; light; 3'; 2"
'My Fifi' white; light; 2'; 1-1/2"
'Nashville' deep pink, striped white; light; 3' 1-1/2"
'Pebble Beach' pink; good; 1'; 3/4"
'Pimprenelle' yellow; light; 2'; 1-1/2"
'Ruby Meidiland' red; none; 2'; 2"
'Santa Barbara' coral; pink; none; 4'; 2"
'Tumbling Waters' white; strong; 2'; 1-1/2"

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