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Naturalizing with Tulips (page 2 of 2)

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Encourage these tulips' multiplying tendencies by leaving faded flower heads attached so that seeds can mature and spread.

If you live in the South or in mild-winter areas of the West, plant tulips that thrive in zones 8 through 10: lady tulip (T. clusiana), Candia tulip (T. saxatilis), and Florentine tulip (T. sylvestris). These tulips do not need chilling before planting in these regions. In areas such as Tallahassee, Houston, or San Diego, buy these types in the fall, plant them in a cool, shaded location, and forget them. They'll flower in spring and likely for many springs to come.

Naturalizing bulbs is a great group activity: share mass bulb planting tasks with your gardening neighbors.

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