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by Charlie Nardozzi

Question of the Week

Flea Beetles on Broccoli

Q: My broccoli transplants were looking great. Then I noticed a number of small holes in the leaves. I don't see any worms. What's causing this damage?

A: Your broccoli transplants are being attacked by flea beetles. These small, shiny, black beetles attack young transplants. They tend to hop like fleas off the leaves when disturbed, hence their name. Their feeding creates small shotgun-like holes in the leaves. If you only have a few holes, then your plants should be able to outgrow the damage. However, if there are many holes, the damage may stunt or eventually kill the plant.

To control flea beetles, remove plant debris in the soil around the plants. Keep the garden beds moist, cultivate the soil often, and spray the leaves with insecticidal soap or dust with diatomaceous earth.

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