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Gas-Powered String Trimmers

by Ken Morrison

Well-groomed borders and edges are a landscape's finishing touches, and no tool achieves that faster than a string trimmer. No wonder it ranks second only to the lawn mower in popularity with gardeners. With one notable exception--around trees--trimmers are safe to use for cutting grass or weeds along virtually any edge in your garden: sidewalks, curbs, stepping-stones, planted borders, and fence lines.

There are two basic types: gasoline- and electric-powered. Electric trimmers are lighter, simpler, and quieter but are limited in power, versatility, and often, cord length. Gas trimmers suffer none of those weaknesses, and many accept a variety of attachments for more specialized jobs; but they are noisy and consume gasoline. Because of their greater versatility, most gardeners choose gas-powered trimmers. Hundreds of models in a range of prices are available.

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