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by Cheryl Dorschner

An Impressionist Garden

Gryniewicz's summer garden is notable for its lack of structure -- no walls, fences, trees, or shrubs, though a bird bath and a canvas canopy come out in summer. After all, his is a renter's garden created from lawn and meadow. He is sensitively attuned to the play between his garden and the encroaching meadow. "My garden may look like a planned wildflower garden, because I've taken that land from the meadow. The best concept I've found to describe my approach is 'Impressionist'. The close-up view is very different from the view from a distance, where the general impression is of a vast panorama of colors blending together. The meadow is just waiting for the day I'm gone and it can take it back," he observes.

Will there ever be such a day? Gryniewicz is optimistic. "I'd hate to part with all this. But this is my first garden." His blue eyes narrow for just a moment as he imagines new ground. "But a new garden would mean I'd have my own place. I'd have the challenge of outdoing myself." He smiles.

Photography by John Goodman

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