Is my tipu tree dying

Location: Carlsbad, Ca

Question: We moved into our house in October and have 2 well established tipu trees (8+ years old) in the back yard. They are very tall and we pruned them back in December but it seems as if they are dying. Many of the branches are now completely bare and leaves have started to turn brown. Is this normal?

Answer: Tipu trees generally take well to pruning, but if you removed more than about a third of the live branches and leaves when you pruned you may have stressed them considerably. They should recover, but it may take a season or two. Browning leaves can indicate over or under watering or the leaves may now be exposed to more sunshine than they were before you pruned the tree. If so, the problem is sunscald. Tipu trees are not susceptible to any particular diseases so I think the browning leaves are just an indication of stress. Be sure your trees are watered once each week during the growing season and just be patient with them. I\'m sure they will recover.

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