how to take care a Arabian Tea Jasmine?

Location: chicago, Il

Question: i was wondering how to take care a Arabian Tea Jasmine plant? how much water and sunlight does it need? what kind of fertilizer does it need? in the pass i bought the plant and i water and give it sunlight and it die in 3 month, then i bough another one. please help me sincerely -M.M

Answer: Jasminum sambac, your Arabian jasmine, is a tender plant (suitable for indoors in your gardening region) and is commonly grown in Hawaii where the flower is a favorite for inclusion in leis. The flowers are also used for making perfume. The plant will grow to 5\' tall with glossy green leaves to 3\" long. The flowers are white, about 1\" across, and powerfully fragrant. Usual flowering season is June-September. They grow best in a bright site in well-drained, light soil enriched with leaf mold, peat moss or compost. From spring through fall, fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer such as 10-10-10. Tie the stems to supports and keep the soil evenly moist through the growing season. Prune after flowering to keep the plants thinned and shaped. It needs bright light in order to grow well. Keep it out of drafts, and water when the top of the soil dries out. If your plant died after 3 months, it probably was getting too much water. Be careful to check for watering needs by sticking your finger down into the soil. If the soil is still damp one inch below the surface, it won\'t need water for a few more days. If the soil is dry one inch below the surface, it\'s time to water. Enjoy your new plant!

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