weeping willow tree/planting under

Location: Midlothian, Vi

Question: I have a large circle under my weeping willow tree with hosta outside of ring- I am looking for ground cover to plant - one that I can still plant spring bulbs and some annuals for color It is a meesy tree gets am sun shade by 2pm - something that blooms would be good-

Answer: It is next to impossible to get anything to grow beneath a weeping willow. The roots will compete for moisture and nutrients with anything you plant there. Couple that with the litter it drops and the situation is almost impossible. You can try to grow a tenacious groundcover such as ajuga (carpet bugle) or vinca, but you will probably get mixed results. Instead, why not continue your flower garden on the outside of the ring of hostas? Here the plants will get the sunshine they crave and won\'t have to compete with the tree roots to any great extent. For variety or a focal point you might try planting in planter boxes or containers and setting those under the tree. Best wishes with your landscape!

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