Trellising Cucumbers

Location: St. Cloud, MN

Question: I am growing Straight Eight Cucumbers on a trellis. How far apart should the plants be and do I have to tie this variety up? If I do have to tie them up, what should I use to do the tying?

Answer: Ultimately, plants should be 12-18" apart. Usually these plants take very readily to a trellis, using their curly tendrils to climb, as long as you have the trellis close to them so they can get a quick "leg up". Erect the trellis before you plant the cukes so they won't be disturbed by the construction, and position it so it faces south to catch the most sun and won't shade other plants. If you find that the wieght of the fruit is pulling down on the vines, create slings with cloth rags tied to the trellis, and use these to cradle the ripening cukes. Enjoy!

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