macbeth loquat

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Question: Is the macbeth loquat that I just bought at home depot a grafted plant? Most grafted loquats that I have previously purchased would have blossoms at this time of year. This plant has not blossoms forming. Would they have sold me a seedling? I can\'t make out an obvious graft site.

Answer: It isn\'t likely your new loquat is a seedling. Nurseries always graft onto hardy rootstocks the types of loquats they sell so you can be assured of fruit. Loquats can be propagated by various grafting methods, including shield-budding or side-veneer grafting and cleft-grafting. So, if you cannot find a predominate graft scar on the main stem of your plant, it was probably shield-budded. The absence of blossom buds is probably due to the immaturity of the plant. Go ahead and plant your new Macbeth loquat with the expectation that it will flower and fruit when it is a little older.

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