Star Jasmine Leaves Turning Reddish Yellow

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Question: Hello! I water my star jasmine everyday, it is blooming quite a bit, however, recently the leaves are turning red or orangy color, what am I doing wrong, please help!

Answer: It's not unusual for evergreen plants to begin losing older foliage in the springtime. As long as your jasmine is putting out new growth, the reddish looking leaves are probably the older leaves that your plant is shedding to make room for new leaves. If there's no new growth and all of the leaves are turning reddish-orange, then I'd suspect a problem with the roots - perhaps too much water? Unless your jasmine is in a container and requires daily watering, you'd be doing your plant a favor by watering deeply but infrequently. If it's planted in the ground, apply water slowly, allowing it to trickle down and wet the entire root mass. Most shrubs require one-inch of water per week during the growing season. Best wishes with your jasmine!

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