Crepe Myrtles Affected By Verticillium Wilt?

Location: Lake Oswego, OR

Question: To whom it may concern: First, thank you for your assistance. Second, I am considering planting a crepe myrtle in a location that was previously occupied by a Japanese maple that was infected with Verticillium wilt. Are crepe myrtles susceptible to Verticillium wilt? If so, do you have another similar tree that you would recommend that is not susceptible to Verticillium wilt? Thanks you, Aaron Bilstrom

Answer: Lagerstroemia (Crepe Myrtle) roots do not seem to be affected by Verticillum, but the foliage is susceptible to powdery mildew (Erysiphe lagerstroemiae). Other potential problems to look for include foliar fungal diseases such as black spot (Cerospora)and tip blight (Phyllostricta), and root rot caused by Clitocybe tabescens. Grown under the proper conditions (full sun and well-draining soil), and provided with adequate water during the growing season, your new Crepe Myrtle should develop into a healthy, trouble-free specimen.

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