Milky Spore--harmful?

Location: East Providence, RI

Question: Our yard is infested with Japenese Beetle Grubs. I've tried other products to get rid of them but they keep re-occuring. Someone referred me to Milky Spore. Is this poisonous to domestic pets (cats in particular)?

Answer: Milky spore disease is caused by the bacteria Bacillus popilliae and is used to control Japanese beetles and some strains of European chafer grubs; the disease does not infect people or pets. However you should apply it, just as with any other substance, according to the label instructions and I would be careful not to inhale or otherwise ingest it just as with any other substance not intended for eating or breathing. You might want to consult with your veterinarian to see of there are any particular concerns about cats contacting milky spore powder or granules.

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