Caring For Kimberly Queen And Macho Fern

Location: Williston, TN

Question: I recently purchased Kimberly Queens and Macho Ferns. They had tags that said tropical plants. I want to plant them outside. Will they tolerate sun? Please tell me all you know about them. I have about a dozen of them.

Answer: Macho Fern (Nephrolepis biserrata) is hardy in USDA Zones 9-10, so it will not survive your winters. You may be able to bring it indoors for the winter. Instead of direct planting outdoors, you might want to simply sink the pot into the ground. That way, come fall, you can remove the pot without disturbing the roots. This plant prefers partial sun to shade. It is a 3-4', evergreen, tropical fern with medium green, toothed, arching leaves, and is a fast grower. Australian Sword Fern (Nephrolepis obliterata 'Kimberly Queen' ) is hardy in zones 6-9, so it should overwinter in Tennessee. It prefers partial shade. It grows to a height of 2-3', with darker green leaves than Boston Fern. It spreads rapidly. Good luck with your new ferns.

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