Growing English Walnut Trees

Location: St. Maries, ID

Question: I need information on how to grow, prune, fertilize, water, etc. English walnut and filburt trees.

Answer: English walnuts are hardy in USDA zones 5 to 8, so they should survive in your region. However, reliable nut production is usually limited to warmer regions because the flowers can be damaged by late frosts. Consider growing Carpathian walnut cultivars such as 'Lake', 'Hansen', and Rodhouse', because these tend to flower later and thus tend to do better in the north than early-flowering types. Walnuts produce best if you plant two different varieties for cross-pollination. Filberts are hardy in zones 4 to 9, and do best when they have some protection from harsh winter winds and sun. Light shade is OK. Plant two or more cultivars near each other for the best crops. Prune walnut trees in early fall, because they tend to "bleed" sap if pruned during the growing season. Prune to develop a strong framework of branches. Here are some web sites that might be of interest to you. They give more information about growing nut trees. The English walnut varieties 'Carmelo', 'Hartley', or 'Cookes Giant Sweet' are self-fruitful and shouldn't require a pollinator. Hazelnut (Corylus species) is unrelated to walnut, but is sometimes called filbert. Cross pollination is required for these trees, so plant two. 'Barcelona' and 'Butler' are good choices. 'Ennis' can be pollinated by 'Butler', as well. Hope this information helps you choose just the right trees! New Search

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