Vinca Vine And Dracena Spike Seed

Location: Nazareth, PA

Question: Do you have seeds to start my own trailing vinca vine (green or variegated) and dracena spike? The vinca vine is what you see in window boxes trailing down the front.

Answer: Unfortunately, both the spikes and the variegated vinca are usually started on a wholesale commercial basis because they need warm temperatures and a greenhouse environment to root and grow well. You can however start your own cuttings of the vinca each fall and overwinter them as a houseplant. The spikes (actually a cordyline despite what we call them) can also be overwintered as a houseplant. The evergreen and very cold hardy vinca minor (periwinkle) is available as bare root plants from Burpee ( or 1-800-888-1447), although it is more often used as a groundcover than in planters.

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