Transplanting & Pruning Lantana

Location: Commerce, Ge

Question: In No GA, when\'s best time to transplant Lantana and should you cut it way back? What about Lantana in pots; would it survive if brought inside a garage and watered; should I wrap the pot to prevent freezing? Thanks!

Answer: Lantana is considered an evergreen groundcover in mild climates, but it is frost tender and will suffer dieback in light freezes. Hard freezes can kill it, so it\'s grown as an annual in cold climates. Since it\'s difficult to predict what each winter will bring, if you typically get hard freezes in your area, I\'d recommend bringing it indoors. Keep it in a sunny location and water moderately. It can take severe cutting back in the spring to promote new growth. You can dig and transplant lantana in either the spring or in the fall. I don\'t think it will be happy in a garage unless you can put it near a well-lit window and water it regularly. Best wishes with your lantana.

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