can pistachio nut shells be added to the compost bin?

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Question: Can pistachio nut shells be added to the compost bin? Don\'t always trust what I read. Some sites say to add

Answer: Thanks for the trust! We take our positions seriously and would never intentionally mislead you. We always carefully research all questions before we send our answers. I\'d stay away from greasy kitchen scraps, meat, fish, bones, etc. They will decompose, but they may also attract rodents and that\'s probably not something you really want to do. I\'d also keep weeds that have gone to seed out of the compost bin. Chances are the heat generated by the decomposition process will kill the seeds, but I\'ve had personal experience with weeds, squash, melons and tomato plants popping up in my finished compost. So now I err on the safe side and keep them out. As for the pistachio shells, like walnut shells, they are very hard and won\'t readily decompose even in a well managed batch of compost. You can crush them prior to adding them, but they will still take years and years to break down. They will add bulk to the compost, though, so they are not harmful to add, they just won\'t decompose for a few years. Hope this answers all your questions. Thanks for stopping by!

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