birch trees with drooping branches

Location: Duvall, Wa

Question: I have several birch trees all located in the same area of my yard. They all get watered the same and fertilized in the spring. Several of them have drooping branches that look like they will snap as if the branches are too heavy for them to grow upright, however several of them do have branches growing upright & look healthy.What\'s causing some of the trees to be weak & droopy looking?

Answer: Rapid growth (weather and fertilizer related) can cause the branches to grow faster than they are capable of strengthening. The result is a droopy appearance. As the bark matures and becomes more rigid and the tissues within the branch thicken up, the branches will become a little more sturdy. They will probably never grow upright so you can prune them off now if you don\'t like them, or you can just enjoy them the way they are.

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