John Cretti

Western Mountains and High Plains Editor

John Cretti
Denver, CO

Creeping phlox thrives in our garden, spreading over the landscape.

On hot summer days, you've got to find a cool place to rest!

Spring and fall are the best times to fertilize the lawn in our region.

Cyclamen are great houseplants for winter. In summer you can leave them outdoors in a shaded, protected area.

John Cretti is known regionally and nationally as a Rocky Mountain and High Plains horticulturist who hosts the popular "Gardening With an Altitude" radio and television program. He is a former home horticulture specialist for Colorado State University, and is an author, lecturer, award-winning garden communicator, and, above all, down-to-earth gardener.

John takes gardening to a different level, where there's an active relationship between man, environment, and plants: "To grow plants successfully, you have to think like a plant."

He is author of the Colorado Gardener's Guide, the Rocky Mountain Gardener's Guide, and the new Month-by-Month Gardening in the Rocky Mountain Region. John has been long-time host of the "Winter Gardener" on HGTV. He's published hundreds of articles for garden magazines, including Horticulture, Flower and Garden, Colorado Boulder County Home & Garden, Green Thumb Extra, Garden Talk, and Mature Living Choices.

Gardeners who live in the unique and challenging climate of the Rocky Mountain region, where fluctuations of temperature, wind, lousy soil conditions, critters, and more are the norm, will benefit from the practical wit and wisdom that John serves up. Many tricks and remedies that John recommends come from his degree in the horticultural sciences from Colorado State University and from his Italian grandmother who taught him old fashioned remedies for pests and diseases that are still effective today.

John's passion for home horticulture has not gone unnoticed. He has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Award of Excellence and Quill and Trowel Awards from the Garden Writers' Association, the Scotts' Horticultural Professional Improvement Award for lawn and garden communications, and the National Association of County Agricultural Agents Award of Excellence in Horticulture Communications. He also was recognized for outstanding community service for garden and education programs by Xeriscape Colorado.


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