Susan Littlefield

New England Editor

Susan Littlefield
Essex, Vermont

Fringe tree (Chionanthus virginicus) makes a lovely backdrop to my early summer garden with its peonies, Siberian irises, hardy geraniums and salvia.

Tulips lift their blossoms to the sun as the trees in my woodland are just beginning to unfurl their leaves.

While my outside gardens sleep under the snow, African violets add color to a southern windowsill.

Susan Littlefield has been gardening since grade school, when, much to her father's dismay, she convinced her mother to let a neighboring farmer plow up half the backyard so that she could grow vegetables. Since then, she's continued to grow vegetables and berries, but has added flowers and woody plants to the mix. She loves combining trees, shrubs and flowers into pleasing landscape designs and is continually pushing the envelope in her Zone 4 garden to see what supposedly non-hardy plants will make it through the winters in Vermont. She is especially happy with the Stewartia koreana tree that has graced her garden with its large, white flowers for the last 10 years.

Susan has degrees in biology and plant and soil science, and has been a garden writer and editor, served as ornamental horticulturist for the Vermont Extension Service and worked in both the wholesale and retail nursery industries.


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