Southern Coasts

July, 2001
Regional Report

Harvest Tomatoes

To get the best vine ripened tomatoes, harvest when shoulders are pink and ripen the fruit indoors. You'll avoid fighting the birds and squirrels and heavy rainfall won't cause tender skins to split. Flavor develops fine indoors.

Plant Squash

Plant another round of squash and pumpkin seed. Pull out old vines and compost them. Yellow crookneck and zucchini grow quickly, but try unusual summer squash such as patty pan too. They look like ufos and a new hybrid, 'Pagoda Gold' is particularly productive here.

Patch The Lawn

Every lawn eventually has a dead spot or two. To determine the cause check the dead area closely. Small spots may be due to dogs. Spots that ebb and flow with rainy weather maybe be due to brown patch fungus. Enlarging circles of dry, dead grass could be due to chinch bugs.

Select Goldenrods and Asters

To control a wild area away from your house, do some selective weeding. Get rid of the Bermuda grass and sedge, but let the goldenrod and wild asters stay. They\'ll not only bloom this fall, they\'ll spread and create a beautiful wildflower patch for years to come.

Deadhead Crape Myrtle

When flowers on the "Lilac of the South" finish blooming snip them off as they fade and before the seed pods form. New flower buds will form and new blooms will appear in a few weeks. Keep deadheading into September.

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