Southern Coasts

March, 2001
Regional Report

Make Raised Beds

Make a simple raised bed with small seats using concrete blocks. Lay one layer of blocks with their holes facing up to frame a bed as wide and long as you like. I like a 2- foot wide by 3- foot long bed. Lay a second layer of blocks on top of the first, but on their sides with the solid side facing up to sit on. Fill the bed with soil.

Make New Beds

Start new beds by scraping the weeds and grass off, then digging the soil. Now is a great time to start, as the ground is moist and soft, and weed and grass roots come out easily with a sharpened flathead spade. Amend as needed with organic matters.

Prune Climbing Roses

'Lady Banks' and other spring-blooming climbing roses really produce flowers all summer. To keep old climbers healthy and growing strong after bloom time, prune out their oldest canes, fertilize them, and retie the canes to trellises with jute twine.

Thin Cannas

Cannas are growing now, so check their clumps. Overcrowded clumps can stifle blooms, and now's the time to dig up offsets and replant them elsewhere. Shop for new cannas to plant such as 'Tropicana' and 'Bengal Tiger'. These feature outrageously striped leaves.

Thin Veggie Seedlings

Young lettuce, carrot, and radish seedlings should be thinned now to make room for the larger adult plants. Young thinnings of lettuce can be eaten, so don't just compost them. Feed young vegetable plants with an all-purpose fertilizer to keep them growing strong.

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