Lower South

April, 2003
Regional Report

Plant Container Gardens

Gardeners are rediscovering containers. Hanging baskets, ornate planters, attractive pots, and whimsical containers provide wonderfully creative ways to grow instant color for all parts of the landscape. Include a number of containers for versatile summer color.

Feed Blooming Plants Regularly

Fertilize color beds and containers every few weeks to keep them vigorous and blooming. Many of our new varieties will literally bloom themselves into a weakened state. Provide these thoroughbreds regular feeding and they will reward you with outstanding performance.

Build Soil Before Planting

Our southern climate burns up organic matter quickly. Every time you change color beds from one season to the next, pause to mix in an inch or so of compost. This builds soil and improves both internal drainage and moisture retention.

Water Wisely

Our summers are really hot. There are many great plants that can take that heat if we provide plenty of water to replace the volume they transpire out of their leaves. A good soaking followed by a little drying out is the best way to water. Frequent sprinkling just promotes disease, and soggy soil is deadly in the heat.

Light Colors Brighten Shady Areas

Dark bloom colors are attractive when viewed up close or set against lighter colors. Yet in shady areas it is best to focus on white and other light, bright colors. They are much more visible and draw interest and attention to these less noticeable landscape areas.

Our Mission in Action

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