Northern & Central Midwest

August, 2002
Regional Report

Harvest, Harvest, Harvest!

Gardens are coming in like gangbusters, so keep harvesting regularly. Pick vegetables when they are young for the best flavor and to keep the plants producing. Pick produce in early morning if possible before the sun wilts the plants in the heat. This will give you the best flavor

Purchase Bulbs for Fall Planting

Purchase your bulbs as early as you can to get the best choices. There's still time to buy by mail order, and the Internet is an easy way to get a wide selection. Open packages as soon as you get them and store bulbs in a dry, airy spot until planting time in early September.

Take Annual Cuttings

Take cuttings of annuals that you want to save for next year. Don't wait until frost is imminent, but do it now while the plants are robust and actively growing. Take tip and stem cuttings, dip the ends in rooting powder and plant in sterile potting mix. Cover with plastic until they root.

Plan Perennial Division

You can start dividing your perennials at the end of August, so start making plans. You need to decide which ones need dividing and where you will put the divisions. This is a good time to poll gardening friends and make plant swaps so everyone gets to enjoy a plethora of beautiful blooms.

Lawn Care

August is a great time to core aerate your lawn and be ready for reseeding in September. Core aeration removes small cores of soil and grass, giving lots of air and space for new roots to form. This is a great cure for thatch, the brown layer that lies between grass crowns and roots.

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