Coastal and Tropical South

August, 2014
Regional Report

Renew Annuals

It's "off with their heads" for tired or leggy annual flowers, followed by a dose fertilizer to get them blooming again. Impatiens, angelonia, and salvia recover rapidly from summer pruning. If caladiums send up flower shoots, they will go dormant. Cut off the spikes and fertilize with fish emulsion or another source of nitrogen.

Divide and Replant

Some perennials must be divided in summer for best performance next year. Shasta daisies will overgrow their space and stop flowering if not divided every other year. Every third year, divide Louisiana iris, Easter lilies, cannas, liriope, ajuga, and Shasta daisies.

Prepare Soil for Spinach

Spinach will produce abundantly if you add a sprinkling of lime to the soil now. Use horticultural or garden lime, not hydrated lime, for this purpose. Work it into the top couple of inches of the soil, water well, and wait three weeks before planting.

Plant Fall Flowers

Garden mums and fall asters are arriving at the garden centers and should be planted soon for maximum enjoyment. Keep them watered and groomed. They blend well with calendulas, which you can grow from seed or small plants, but only as an overwintering annual in our region.

Plant Warm-Season Grasses

Late August is a good time to plant seed or sod St. Augustine, Bermuda, buffalo grass and other warm-season lawn grasses. Whether seeding a new lawn or just repairing one, soil preparation done now will make the difference later. Till and rake the area, clear all weeds, plant, and water well.

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