Southwestern Deserts

March, 2014
Regional Report

Get Out and About!

Wildflowers are springing up across the desert in one of the most prolific displays in years. Don't miss the opportunity to see owl's clover, lupine, Mexican poppy, penstemon, brittlebush, desert marigold, globe mallow, fiddleneck, bladderpod, and more.

Leave Spider Webs Intact

Hummingbirds use sticky spider webs to build their nests. If webs are against windows and patio doors, you can watch from indoors as the hovering hummers grab the material and dart off.

Care for Houseplants

Indoor plants start perking up from winter dormancy. Take them outside or to the shower and wash them off. Provide a deep soaking to leach accumulated salts. Feed with an all-purpose houseplant fertilizer or a slow-release product. If roots are growing out the bottom of the pot, or the plant looks cramped, pot up to the next size container.

Mulch Bulb Beds

Layer several inches of compost around bulbs to maintain consistent soil moisture for their spring flowering season. You can clip back spent flowers, but allow the foliage to brown and die back naturally, as it helps store energy to the bulb for next year's growth

Fertilize Roses

Feed roses every six weeks until summer heat hits in June. Regular fertilizer will promote expansive flowering during the peak bloom season in April.

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