Coastal and Tropical South

November, 2013
Regional Report

Choose the Right Tree

Tree planting time in our region is November to February. This gives roots time to get established before they need to support leafy growth. When choosing a tree, be sure to check out its likely ultimate height and spread to make sure there will be room in your landscape for it as it grows.

Pot Up Amaryllis

Lots of people give and get amaryllis kits as gifts, and they do keep on giving, first in pots, then in the garden. Plant bulbs in the light soil mix provided, leaving the neck of the bulb above the soil. Start in a cool room to control its height. Transplant to the garden in spring.

Care for Cool-Season Annuals

Cool-season annual flowers and vegetables, such as calendula and greens, are growing actively. Keep them watered if Nature doesn't, and fertilize regularly except in truly freezing weather.

Plant Daffodils

Though it's early for tulips and hyacinth to come out of the refrigerator, November is prime time to plant all members of the daffodil family. Paperwhite narcissus can be planted in the garden or in gravel for forcing as holiday gifts and table decorations. Daffodils for naturalizing in gardens should be planted no deeper than twice their height; that is, a 3-inch bulb can be planted 5 to 6 inches deep in heavy soils.

Practice Safe Pruning

Saw safety often comes down to one thing: sharp blades. Whether you are working with a chain saw or a folding saw, you are much more likely to hurt yourself if the blade is dull. Get into a routine of cleaning and sharpening saws (unless they are serrated) these tools after each use.

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