Middle South

October, 2013
Regional Report

Condition Holiday Cactus

Keep holiday cactus and kalanchoe in a cool room where the lights are kept off after dark. Cool temperatures and more than 12 hours of continuous darkness trigger flowering in both species.

Dig Daffodils

If you know where to dig, this is the perfect time to dig, divide, and replant crowded clumps of daffodils. Don't worry if you see that the bulbs have already begun growing new roots. As long as you dig deep enough to lift them from beneath, they will transplant just fine.

Divide Daisies

Dig and divide ox-eye and Shasta daisies, forget-me-nots, creeping phlox, dianthus, and other hardy perennials that hold onto a little green growth through the winter. Plant some divisions in containers so you'll have ready replacement for any casualties of the winter ahead.

Compost Dead Plants

Gather up the remains of tender vegetables and flowers that have withered due to frost. Use them to start a new compost heap, to which you can add oak leaves, sticks, and other materials that rot slowly.

Grow Come-Again Lettuce

Instead of pulling up whole plants, cut lettuce an inch or so above the crowns. If you cover the plants with a plastic tunnel, the stumps will sprout little tufts of crisp leaves that will keep you in salads well into winter.

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