Coastal and Tropical South

January, 2013
Regional Report

Prune Fruit Trees

Plums, pears, figs, and other deciduous fruits respond to winter pruning with more flowers and fruit. Cut out dead wood and one of two branches that rub against each other. Shape and stimulate what remains by trimming each stem above a bud. Slant all cuts diagonally towards the outside of the tree.

Spray Smarter

Invest in a small capacity pump up sprayer with an adjustable nozzle to best apply refined horticultural oil and other pesticides. You pump and the cylinder lets you more spray evenly. Adjust the nozzle to deliver fine oil mist or big droplets as you need them.

Feed the Birds

Set up a better feeding station so more birds will visit your garden. Elevate or hang a variety of tubes and roofed platforms with flat seed pans and dowels to hold fresh fruit. Buy quality seed and keep it freshly resupplied. Finally, add a mister for a ready water supply.

Fertilize Daffodils

When established bulbs sprout new leaves, apply fertilizer made for bulbs or perennial plants. Bulbs that do not bloom may be crowded or sunken; those that do not spread may be dry.

Give Amaryllis and Gloxinia a Rest

Gloxinia and amaryllis will rebloom in pots if given a rest period between flowering regimes. Turn the pots onto their sides to avoid mistaken watering, remove leaves as they dry up, and otherwise ignore them for a month. Resume normal growing conditions when the first green nub of growth appears.

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