Middle South

November, 2012
Regional Report

Plant Annuals

If you hurry, it's not too late to add many annuals and biennials to the garden. Choose from pansies, violas, snap dragons, sweet William, foxgloves, forget-me-nots, and an array of ornamental cabbages and kales.

Clean and Store Terracotta Pots

If you use low-fired terracotta pots or other containers that are susceptible to freezing and cracking, clean and store them now before cold weather arrives. Scrub pots in clear water or a 10 percent bleach solution, then rinse thoroughly and set them in the sun to dry.

Mulch Root Vegetables

Protect root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, beets, and turnips from freezing in early cold weather by adding a mulch of straw or shredded leaves. With a little luck, you'll be able to extend your harvest time into December.

Keep Eye Out for Wild Garlic

Unsightly wild garlic will begin to show up in lawns this month. To eliminate this weed, apply a broadleaf herbicide when the temperature is above 50 degrees F. Or, if you prefer to pull them, use a hand weeder similar to a screw driver but with a 2-prong tip, to get below the bulb and free it from the soil.

Leave Rose Hips

Rose hips make an attractive addition to the fall garden and their development will actually encourage the rose bush to go dormant. Plus, they'll attract hungry birds to the garden when food becomes scarce.

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