Lower South

October, 2012
Regional Report

Thin Root Crop Seedlings

Root crop vegetables such as carrots, radishes, turnips, and beets will not develop good root if they are crowded. Thin them as soon as possible after germination, taking care to not disturb the remaining plants. Space them out about one and a half times as wide as the mature roots will be.

Harvest Persimmons

Persimmons can be harvested when they turn orange and stored on a counter indoors where they will continue to ripen. This helps reduce damage from birds, who often take a peck at the fruit, ruining it for our enjoyment

Plant Cool Season Containers

Add some cool season color to outdoor areas by planting pansies, violas, alyssum, and other cool season flowers in containers. This way you can move them around to decorate a porch or patio, and move them to a protected spot when a hard freeze threatens.

Make Succession Plantings of Lettuce

Plant lettuce every few weeks in small amounts to keep the harvest going in the coming months. Only plant as much as your family will eat in a few weeks. That way there will always be a new crop of fresh lettuce ready for harvest.

Topdress St. Augustine Lawns with Compost or Peat Moss

St. Augustine will respond to a topdressing of one-half inch of compost applied in the fall. This will help shade the soil surface, reducing the germination of weed seeds a bit. And as it decomposes it will release its nutrients when the weather warms in the spring. If Take All Root Rot has been killing areas of your lawn, use sphagnum peat applied at one-third to one-half inch deep and then water it in well.

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