Lower South

September, 2012
Regional Report

Water Turf In the Absence of Rain

Whenever it hasn't rained for a week to ten days provide your lawn with a good soaking by applying one half to one inch of irrigation. Sunny spots will need water more often than shady spots. Irrigating with deep, infrequent applications can prevent stress and keep you lawn healthy without wasting water and promoting turfgrass diseases.

Replenish Mulch In Flower and Shrub Beds

Winter weeds will be germinating in the weeks to come. Check the depth of mulch in flower beds and around landscape shrub. Add a little in areas where it is growing thin to deter weed seed germination, hold in moisture, and moderate soil temperatures.

Prepare Soil for Cool Season Planting

Planting time for cool season veggies and flowers is just around the corner. Get ready now by mixing a few inches of compost into the soil. By prepared for planting ahead of time the soil will have a chance to settle and your plants will perform better.

Fertilize Flowers

Annual and perennial flowers can be kept vigorous and full of blooms by fertilizing them every 4-6 weeks and maintaining moderate soil moisture in the absence of rainfall. These flowers expend quite a bit of energy producing blooms and need good nutrition to keep up the good work.

Returning Clippings to the Turf

Grass clipping contain an ideal blend of the nutrients grass needs to thrive. Returning the clippings to the soil with a mulching mower will feed the soil gradually over time as the clippings decompose. Think of them as free, organic, slow-release fertilizer!

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