Western Mountains and High Plains

September, 2012
Regional Report

Prevent Mosquito Problems

Make sure to keep unused pots and other containers turned over and don't let water stand in collection saucers. Mosquito larvae can grow and mature in less than an inch of standing water. Treat ponds and birdbaths with dunks that contain B.t. israelensis, a microbial larvicide that kills mosquito larvae for up to 30 days.

Keep Dahlias Watered in Heat

Dahlias are spectacular summer blooming bulbs. Keep them well watered during heat spells, as large flowers demand lots of water. Dahlias growing in flowerbeds should be mulched to maintain uniform soil moisture.

Check Vegetables Daily

For peak ripeness and flavor, check vegetables daily. Harvest regularly to increase yields in bush beans, cucumbers, and summer squashes. Pick your bounty early in the day when temperatures are cool and when plants are less stressed by heat.

Mark Perennial Plants

If you have plans for transplanting and dividing perennials this fall or next spring, label them now. This will ensure you can locate the plants and thier colors and varieties will be readily known. Use a colored wax marker or grease pencil to write plant names and plant heights on plant markers.

Plan for Spring Flowers

Take some time to plan for areas in your garden where spring blooms will be welcome. Now is the time, since you'll need to plant them this fall. For rock gardens, a shade garden, or under trees and shrubs, plant glory-of-the snow, Chionodoxa spp., which are the first to show color and are pest-proof.

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