August, 2012
Regional Report

Do Research Now for Autumn Tree Planting

Do you want a Japanese maple or a white pine? A spring-flowering dogwood or an autumn-blooming crape myrtle? Research, stroll an arboretum, visit a tree nursery, talk with experts. Gathering that information and seeing the trees now will help guide your decision come autumn planting time.

Consider Tree Care or Removal if Many Branches Break

This summer's winds and rains have caused lots of branches to break and drop from mature trees. A tree that repeatedly drops large or medium-sized branches may be weak and damaged. Consult with arborist about the tree's health. Discuss a plan of care or removal.

Remove Dead Flower Stalks and Leaves

Once a leaf or stem is crispy brown, there's no reviving it. Clip them off at the base and dispose of in yard debris bag. They might carry disease or insects to your compost bin.

Fertilize Roses for the Last Time

August 15 is the last date for fertilizing roses. They might give one last beautiful flush before the season ends. As temperatures drop they'll get ready for winter dormancy. Enjoy the late season show, then let them sleep.

Keep Deadheading Perennials

There's likely more bloom to come with some perennials such as phlox, black-eyed Susan, dianthus, daisy, coreopsis, Culver's root, bee balm, yarrow. Look for possible flower buds along the stem. Clip off the dead flower heads just above a healthy leaf, even better if its a leaf holding a bud.

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